Creative House’s recording studio, on our third level, offers a discrete, comfortable and relaxed environment for musicians to record in.

The facility utilises industry standard software and equipment to ensure a professional sounding product.

The live room has had a customised acoustic treatment particular to the room’s size and surfaces, which includes quadratic diffusion and absorption techniques. This treatment creates a ‘real world’ listening environment with a reverb time of .4 seconds. This equates to smooth transparent recordings that are not boxy or overly bright in tone.

We have a good selection of microphones and pre-amps as well as a few vintage microphones. We can also source more specialized equipment depending on your recording requirements.

Creative House Recording studio is ideal for any size or genre of band or musician and is perfect for demos, preproduction, EP’s, albums and mastering.

We can provide recommended engineers or you can dry hire the studio and bring your own.

Contact us to book your studio time today.